What people say about Ronni

Ronni's numerous years of experience and education allow her to offer a wide variety of services within the field of speech and language pathology.

Ronni is a gifted and truly amazing speech pathologist. She worked with my twins in such a creative and loving way, using an imaginative visualization that enabled my young boys to completely understand and grasp her therapy sessions. They both thoroughly blossomed under her care. Having Ronni as a speech pathologist was a fantastic experience, and seeing the progress that both of my boys made was heartwarming and gratifying. 


I would wholeheartedly recommend Ronni Runes to anyone looking for a marvelous speech therapist. Ronni will impress you with her knowledge, passion, and dedication.

                                                                                                        JEN LEVINSON, Jen’s List

Ronni is an incredible and gifted speech pathologist! Her enthusiastic style, vast knowledge, and genuine warmth elicits the very best in each of her clients. Whether it’s articulation, language, or social pragmatics, she’s able to establish a close rapport which makes the therapy sessions much more effective. I would not hesitate to recommend Ronni to anyone looking for an exceptional therapist with a caring heart.

Shari M. LVUSD Speech Department

Ronni worked with my son for a few years and she is FANTASTIC!! When they started working together, my son had a very hard time communicating and a hard time with pragmatics. I saw a huge amount of progress very quickly and many gains over the period of time they worked together. She really “got him” and was able to engage with him to redirect him to focus on the task at hand. Ronni has a very warm and bubbly personality, so my son was immediately comfortable with her and enjoyed his sessions with her. This is a speech therapist who actually CARES about her patients and that is what makes a huge difference. I highly recommend her!


Cara S., Calabasas

Ronni is a gem! She is a phenomenal and experienced speech therapist. My son was lucky enough to have the privilege of working with Ronni when he was in kindergarten. My son made tremendous progress in a matter of months under Ronni’s care. Ronni is very passionate about her work and innovative in her therapy style. Ronni thinks out of the box and teaches kids in a way they can comprehend. The combination of Ronni’s breadth of experience, caring and fun nature, and passion for her work, make her a very rare and valuable asset. I highly recommend working with Ronni!

Lisa G., Calabasas

Ronni Runes has been such an asset since my son's early education. Ronni worked with my son in elementary school to help him with his speech. When my son needs any help and guidance, Ronni is right there to assist him. Now that he is in high school, Ronni is yet again, there to render any help he needs with his speech and communication. I don’t know what I would have done without her all these years!!!! 


Traci B., Hidden Hills  

Ronni has been an extraordinary influence on my daughter. She genuinely cares and her infectious positivity and belief in my daughter's potential gave her the tools she needed to succeed. Thank you, Ronni!!!


Roxanna, Bell Canyon

Dear Ronni,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your amazing work and dedication in helping both my children.  Many years ago we first met when my eldest son was in kindergarten.  At the time he was diagnosed with apraxia.  His intelligibility was limited and we were concerned with his ability to be both understood by his teacher and peers, and how his speech limitations would carry over into his academic success.  As his speech therapist, you were able to not only zero in on what areas he needed assistance, but you also used a wide variety of techniques to encourage a sometimes reluctant five-year-old to sit through a session.  Your use of games, songs, music, and animated dialogue were all successful methods to ensure that he would stay on task and continue to move towards accomplishing his goals as written in his IEP.

In later years, you also worked with my youngest son who had severe apraxia.  He was unintelligible and he needed assistance in muscle control in order to make appropriate sounds.  When he first started working with you, you were able to accurately assess his areas of weakness and helped our family find a preschool that would immerse him in speech and language development.  Following preschool, he joined with you again in kindergarten.  Once again, using a variety of techniques you were able to help guide him in the right direction.

Not only did you have an excellent relationship with both my children, you always made a concerted effort to stay in communication with our family, explain the goals and achievements of the IEP, and you took the time to personally reach out and call us when you not only had issues and concerns but praises regarding our children.

We are very thankful for the help you have provided both our children, and we know with certainty that any family that seeks your assistance for their child will be in good hands.

Thank you for everything, and much success to you

Gabrielle B. Woodland Hills